Monday, 7 October 2013

I want to go to Bali/Yangon with Travelar because......

 I want to go to Bali/Yangon with Travelar because it's my dreaming place ever and ever!!!!

Cuti sekolah tak lama lagi. Dah survey tempat yang sesuai untuk melancong bersama keluarga? Dalam post ni nak story tentang Bali dan Yangon. Dua tempat menarik yang dekat dengan Malaysia dan pasti akan memberikan pengalaman yang menakjubkan kalau dapat pergi sana. Apa yang menarik yang ada di Bali? Jom kita survey..

Over the years, Bali has been described in many a superlative terms. Endowed with great natural beauty and rich culture, it is by far the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is a land of soaring majestic volcanoes, of emerald rice fields clinging on hillsides and sculpted in tiers, of idyllic beaches and modern resorts. Despite overwhelming foreign influences, the Balinese have managed to reach a harmonious balance between preserving their culture, their natural environment and accommodating today's changing world. The Hindu Bali religion pervades all aspects of Balinese society and shrines and temples dominate the landscape. Ceremonies, festivals, age-old dances and the arts are also an inseparable part of their life and culture.
Adventure and Outdoor Activities
Bali is also gaining recognition as a fabulous destination for water sports. Apart from the island's top beach resorts, the island boast superb windsurfing, sailing, diving and snorkeling and surfing. Hardy travelers may try while water rafting down Bali's longest river, the Ayung. While divers will find Tulamben and its World War II wreck is popular diving spot with coral reefs and a colorful collection of fish. Bali has numerous world-class golf courses, ranging from tropical-design to ocean-front courses. One is even situated 1,200 m above sea-level in a volcanic crater.

Nature Reserves
The Bali Barat National Park contains mountainous, densely forested and wild areas of west Bali. The water around Menjangan Island has Bali's best diving and also the habitat of the beautiful black-palm cockatoo and the Jalak Bali.

Bali is estimated to have around 20,000 temples. Some of the most important are Besakih, the Mother Temple of Bali on the slopes of the sacred Mount Agung; Tanah Lot, Bali's famous sea temple; Ulun Danu which rises out of Lake Bratan and Kerta Gosa at Klungkung. During the kingdom's glory, the latter served as a hall of justice. Ceilings painted in the Balinese wayang style depict scenes of reward and punishment. For a glimpse of how the island was before being inundated by tourists and modernity, visit the notable traditional villages of the Bali Aga, the island's original inhabitants, Trunyan and Tenganan.

Bali, with its stunning scenery and culture is increasingly popular as an exotic wedding location. Attractive wedding packages offer prospective brides and bride grooms traditional rituals and costumes.

Like the food of other regions in Indonesia, Balinese food is rice as the central dish served with small portions of spicy, pungent vegetables, fish or meat and served almost always with sambal or chili paste. Bali is a few of the regions in Indonesia whose majority of its people are non Muslim, thus babi guling or roasted suckling pig is a specialty, as is bebek betutu, smoked stuffed duck wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Shopping in Bali can offer excellent bargains. Catering mostly to tourists, shops sell modern artwork, leather goods, casual summer clothing and of course beach wear, shoes, CDs, T-shirts, furniture as well as knick-knacks. Sukawati Art Market offers a tempting range of Balinese goods in one place. Ubud is the center of Balines dancing, painting and wood panel carvings. It is also popular as an artist' village. Peliatan is known as the center of traditional music and dances. Mas is a village of wood-carvers. A new style of woodcarving creates carvings of fruit, flower and tree that resemble their real shapes and colorings. Stone figures on the roadside mark the village of Batubulan, famous for its stone carvings and antiques. Celuk is noted for its gold and silverworks of jewelry made using age-old techniques. Those in search of batik, clothing or material should not miss Gianyar which has at least 40 textile factory.
Emmm menarik kan....harap impian untuk ke sana tercapai.

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